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Bushiblades Japanese Katana and Sword supplies

            WELCOME TO BUSHIBLADES.COM We are an independent branch of the Thaitsuki Sword Forge offering a unique range Iaito and contemporary hand forged cutting swords suitable for Tameshgiri and for sale directly to the public. We currently offer 4 Standard Models mounted with specific themes ,using individually selected blades from Thaitsuki Nihonto.

Our Iaito are the perfect choice for the Iaido Practitioner

           We also offer a custom Koshirae service where you can select from our range of mounting options to create a truly unique individual piece that is not just a esthetically attractive but is designed for continual regular use . So please enjoy looking through our website and should you make an enquiry be assured that you will be discussing your requirements with a person directly involved in the making of your Katana that is Forged in the spirit of the Japanese sword

Choose from our Selection of Japanese sword fittings

       Our range of Tsuba are reproduced from original antique pieces loaned to us from Private and corporate collections, as is our range of Fuchi, Kashira and Menuki. These fittings once selected are assembled into a fine Koshirae made using traditional materials such as imported Japanese Ito ,Same and lacquer, to give not only the appearance but the feel of a genuine contemporary Japanese Sword .


samurai weapon by tameshigiri cutting support

        The Blades are made at the Thaitski Forge. Each piece is formed from a single billet ,differentially tempered and water quenched, once polished individual pieces are selected for the Bushiblades range whilst others are stored for future custom orders. So be assured that each step towards producing your unique katana is completed with the pride of quality craftsmanship.